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The “LEMLEY LONGHORN RANCH” is located in both Nolan and Coke counties utilizing 6 sections of beautiful West Central Texas. 

 Having the privilege of living right here on the ranch; we see our cattle everyday. This allows us to provide them the care and attention they deserve. 

The ranch is located in the Steamboat Mountain range with mesas, ravines and grassy bottom lands.  Texas Longhorn cattle thrive here and raise their young with plenty of grazing and nutrients. This is traditional type ranch land where many famous ranches still exist today.

We are located exactly between Abilene and San Angelo Texas; this allows us to utilize many of what these two great cities have to offer. 

This is real cowboy country, not the type that is commercialized, but the type that offers great cattle markets, central locations, and a variety of great western history. 

This is also Texas Fort Country with famous historical forts located only a few miles away such as Ft. Concho, Ft. Chadbourn, Ft. Phantom, and Ft. Griffin home of the official State of Texas Longhorn Cattle herd. 



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